Find Your Health

Genomics is the new genetics.  Each of our bodies is made up of multiple genes. Genomics is how do these genes add up to create your current health.  Small changes in your genomics can have significant impacts on your health. Genomics will allow us to better understand and tailor your health care. We will better understand your risk for preventing disease and in the cases of disease we will be better be able to choose medications for you. Genomics will transform your care from symptoms to what can I do to make sure I don’t develop symptoms. The technology is powerful, but only if implemented in a thoughtful way. We must combine your individual needs and concerns with the technology to ensure that the power of genomics is used to improve your health. Our medical clinic is working to establish safe methods for you to obtain and store your genomic information.  We also are working to provide applications that you can use to understand and manage your unique risk.


  • Genomics will allow us to tailor your health
  • Genomic information is private and personal
  • Our clinic is developing methods for you to control, understand and manage your genomic information