Live Well – through Genomic Risk Assessment

Humans have always been plagued with disease. The completion of the human genome is altering the way that we approach people’s health.  For the first time we understand an individuals unique risk. Understanding your risk is only helpful if we can do something about your risk. Genomics will also allow us to be more effective and predictive in solutions to improving your health. Genomics will help transition health care from a disease management to a risk management approach to your health.  This means we will be spending more time understanding your future risk of disease and be able to take tailored steps to help prevent you from developing illness. Genomics will also help reduce side effects or activities that don’t improve your health.



  • Health care is being transformed with the completion of the human genome
  • Your unique genetics allows us to understand your risk
  • This allows us to personalize your health care
  • The long term result will be “risk management” not “disease management”
  • Our team approach focuses on helping you manage this risk

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